Finding The Best Tool Belt For Drywallers

Believe it or not, a tool belt can greatly increase your ability to do your job. Let’s face it, hanging drywall is no easy task. Drywall sheets are often heavy and difficult to install, particularly if you are working on your own rather than with a team. While hanging drywall, you may feel as though you need as many free hands as possible.

Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

Editor's Pick: Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

If you have to fumble around for the different tools you need for the job, it can make the task of hanging drywall even more tedious. Fortunately, a tool belt can change all of that. Drywall installation and any other laborious task becomes far easier as you work harmoniously with your tool belt. You can work faster and more efficiently as you effortlessly and intuitively reach for the tool you need while keeping your eyes on the job.

Since you can organize your tools using a tool belt, you learn where they are, which allows you to instinctually reach for the one you need when you need it. Of course, with so many tool belts to choose from, how will you ever pick which one is right for you? The in-depth review guide below can help you narrow down your options to make your purchase decision an easier one.

Comparing The Best Drywallers Tool Belts

Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 80100 Duckwear SuperWaist Apron

Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft I370X3 Heavy Duty Suede Work Apron, 8-Pocket
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Rating: 4.5/5
Rating: 4.5/5
Rating: 4.4/5
Pockets: 13

Pockets: 13
Pockets: 8
Waist: 27" to 54"
Waist: 27" to 54"
Waist: 29" to 46"
Material: Duckwear canvas
Material: Duckwear canvas
Material: Suede leather
Cost: $
Cost: $
Cost: $

Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag

The Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag is the smallest tool belt on this list by far. Although it might not be ideal for larger drywall jobs, it certainly does the trick if you need to tackle smaller jobs. For instance, you would not want some large, bulky tool belt if you are simply patching a section of drywall. Therefore, this tool belt can work wonders for some of the fast, easy jobs.

This too belt comes with an adjustable poly web belt that fits comfortably around your waist. Since it is on the smaller side, you do not have to worry about the weight of it sinking down and digging into your hips while you work. You can also customize the belt to have more or less pockets depending on the size you need. Keep in mind that ordering this tool belt with more pockets will cost you additional money. Other features and benefits of this tool belt include:

  • Heavy-duty suede material
  • 1 pocket, 3 pockets, 8 pockets, or 10 pockets
  • 2 primary pockets for nails and various tools
  • 1 smaller pocket for pencils, pliers, nail sets and more
  • 2-inch poly web belt
  • Quick release buckle
  • Waist size 29” to 46”

This tool belt made by CLC may not look the greatest, but it operates with top-notch quality. CLC prides themselves on providing valuable products at a price you can afford. This tool belt boasts a 4.5 out of a 5-star rating based on the hundreds of positive reviews left by other purchasers. One customer said, “I’ve been using this for work, and around-the-home jobs carrying just a handful of tools and a measuring tape.” Another said, “Seems to be pretty straightforward, belt and leather bag.”

The majority of complains seem to be with the belt itself rather than the bags. While there are those that agree that the bags will likely hold up, they feel that the belt will not. Therefore, you may want to invest in a better quality belt later on down the road should you choose to purchase this tool belt. Other than that, it would appear that customers seem satisfied with this tool belt, especially considering its incredible price point.

Custom Leathercraft Heavy Duty Suede Apron

The Custom Leathercraft Heavy Duty Suede Apron is a great choice for drywall professionals, particularly because it has so many different options to choose from. It is also available at a great price point. Keep in mind that the price of this tool belt will vary based on the options you choose. Options for this tool belt include a quick release buckle, a 2-inch polyweb buckle, an interlocking buckle, or a 2-inch leather reinforced roller buckle.

Features of this tool belt include:

  • Heavy-duty suede material
  • 8 roomy pockets
  • 4 primary nail/tool pockets
  • 3 smaller pockets for various tools
  • Steel loop for hammer
  • 2-inch polyester web belt
  • Buckle varieties
  • Waist size 29” to 46”

CLC, the company that offers you this particular belt, stands firmly by their product with a rather straightforward philosophy. Rather than providing anything fancy, they keep it simple, durable, and reasonably priced. It is not hard to see why this tool belt has a 4.4 out of a 5-star rating.

Satisfied customers have left plenty of positive reviews.  One customer said, “Great tool belt. Durable! Very good buy!” Another simply said, “Excellent product for the money.” Some of the drawbacks and negative reviews seem to center around longevity. A handful of customers felt the pouches wore out too easily and too quickly. Otherwise, most purchasers agreed that this tool belt was worth buying. For a drywaller, this may be the best drywall tool belt.

Bucket Boss Duckwear SuperWaist Apron

The Bucket Boss Duckwear SuperWaist Apron is a great choice if you are looking for something to make drywall installation a cinch. Although this tool belt is not very large, it does not need to be. A larger tool belt might prove too bulky when you are trying to hang drywall. Tools often used to hang drywall include a putty knife, drywall screws, and a drywall hammer, all of which fit perfectly in this tool belt.

Benefits and features of this belt include:

  • 13 pockets used to hold tools, pens, and pencils
  • Highly durable duckwear canvas material
  • Quick release belt
  • Bar tacked seams for added stability and durability
  • Waist size between 27” and 54”
  • Two web loops for hammers, including dry wall hammers
  • Three large 6×6 pockets and additional pockets of varying sizes

The Bucket Boss Duckwear SuperWaist Apron has a 4.5 out of a 5-star rating based on the positive testimonials of several satisfied customers. One happy purchaser said, “I wore this almost every day camping for a week in July, carrying everything from my heavy multi-purpose tools and a small flashlight to over 30 test tubes…lightweight, sturdy, clips held up perfectly.” Another said, “I’m a journeyman carpenter and this is a great apron.”

Some customers reported that the apron lacked durability. Other said that the placement of the pockets needed improvement. Otherwise, it would appear that the majority of purchasers seem relatively pleased with this particular tool belt. If you’re looking for something basic and that won’t break the bank, this may be the best drywall tool belt.

Final Thoughts on the Best Drywallers Tool Belt

Each of the tool belts mentioned above can work great for drywall experts like you, especially if you are in the market for something smaller and more affordable. Make sure you choose the tool belt that works best for you based on the tools you carry with you daily. If you carry larger, heavier tools, you may want to opt for the largest tool belt on this list. If you find yourself doing smaller drywall jobs, a smaller tool belt will work just as well.