Choosing The Best Kids Tool Belt For Your Child

Kids are well-known for emulating adults, particularly their parents, which is why you might seem them putting on mommy’s or daddy’s shoes, hats, and articles of clothing.

Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt

Editor's Pick: Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt

Children also love to make their parents proud by taking up the role of a big helper.

Luckily, you can accommodate their desire to dress like you along with their wish to help out by getting them a kids tool belt.

A child’s tool belt allows them to wear a tool belt, just like mommy or daddy. Of course, a quick search for children’s tool belts will often return a ton of results. How are you ever supposed to choose which belt is right with so many to pick from? The comprehensive review below will highlight some of the best kids tool belts you can find for your child.

Comparing The Best Kids Tool Belts

Grip Childrens Tool Belt Blue

Born Tough KTB-01 10 Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt / Tool Apron, Brown

Kids 10 Pocket Tool Belt / Tool Bag, Pink

Young Builder Kids Leather Tool Belt
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Grip Children’s Tool Belt

The Grip Children’s Tool Belt is the ideal gift for kids looking to play the part your little helper. Your child can add a variety of children’s tools to the belt for additional fun and appearance. This is the perfect belt for children who want to help out around the house or in the garage.


The Grip Children’s Tool Belt is the perfect addition to any child’s toy box for hours of dress up fun and play. The belt offers a variety of features, including:

  • Heavy duty canvas and leather material
  • Strong rivets
  • Durable stitching
  • Adjustable nylon belt
  • Heavy duty plastic buckles to keep the belt securely in place
  • Great fit for younger and older children

Parents seem relatively happy with the purchase of this child’s tool belt. In fact, the belt features a 4.8 out of a 5-star rating. Thanks to the cheap price tag, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to buy your child his or her own tool belt.

Parents and grandparents alike speak highly of the tool belt’s durability. In fact, one reviewer said, “It is heavy duty and I am not worried about it breaking.” Another reviewer went on to say, “A great addition to a child’s tool set. It makes them feel pretty important with their tools and to be able to help.”


Although the majority of consumers seem happy with the purchase of this belt, there are a few that had some concerns. Drawbacks of this belt include:

  • Concerning warning label
  • Unclear sizing

There is no mention of sizing to help you determine if this will fit a child larger or smaller. Furthermore, a few customers seemed unhappy about the included warning label on the belt. As part of California’s regulations, the package labeling must indicate that the product could cause cancer as well as health and reproductive issues.

Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt

If you want to make your tyke feel like a big, important helper, the Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt is the way to go. The durability and quality craftsmanship of the belt gives it an authentic look and feel that your child will love. With the addition of tools specially made for kids, your child will look the part for a professional day of helping around the house or out in the workshop. If you’re looking for the most authentic looking tool belt, this is your best bet as the best tool belt for kids.


When you purchase any item for a child, you want to make sure that it will last. Children are often rough on their toys, especially with hours of play each day. Fortunately, this belt can withstand even the toughest of children. This child’s tool belt offers plenty of great features, including:

  • Sturdy suede material
  • Durable leather tool loops
  • 2 roomy main pockets
  • 2 smaller front stitched pockets
  • 2 hammer loops
  • 6 smaller pockets
  • Single front chain holder
  • Adjustable belt with buckle

The Born Tough 10-Pocket Suede Leather Kids Tool Belt boasts a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and is available to purchase for only $27.99. For the most part, consumers had great things to say about this tool belt. For instance, one reviewer said, “The belt was very high quality and had lots of pockets and loops to pile in the tools. Another said, “Great quality and value. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.”


Of course, you have to accept that there are disadvantages as well as the advantages. A few customers noted some potential drawbacks to this child’s tool belt. Possible drawbacks include:

  • Lack of indicated sizing
  • Potential to stain clothing

One commenter is quoted as saying, “This tool belt would be perfect, but it is absolutely huge!” Unfortunately, since there is nothing to indicate the size of the belt, there is no way to tell how large or small of a child this belt will fit. Another reviewer said her grandson informed her that the belt “stained his new shorts orange.”

Although this seems like the best tool belt for kids as a great, authentic looking belt to buy for kids, you definitely want to watch out for potential sizing and staining issues.

Born Tough Kids 10-Pocket Tool Belt

Little boys are not the only ones capable of grabbing up some tools and helping out with repairs. If your little princess indicates that she would like to take on the role of a big helper, she needs the Born Tough Kids 10-Pocket Tool Belt. This pink tool belt is the perfect companion for a girl’s set of matching child-sized tools.


It is apparent that the makers of this child’s tool belt understand the importance of quality and durability for a child’s item. The belt’s construction can withstand even the toughest of environments and hours of playtime each day. Features of the belt include:

  • 2 roomy front pockets
  • 2 smaller front stitched pockets
  • 6 smaller tool pockets
  • 2 leather hammer loops
  • Durable rivets
  • Durable suede leather material
  • Adjustable belt
  • Quick release buckle

Fortunately, you can purchase this belt for your child without having to spend an arm and a leg. At a price of $23.99, this belt accommodates just about every budget range. As an added bonus, the Born Tough Kids 10-Pocket Tool Belt has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Happy customers have commented things like, “Better quality than many adult size belts,” and, “Well-made, sturdy toy.”


Possible drawbacks of this belt include:

  • Color discrepancy

One customer noted that the belt did not appear as pink as the product description indicates. The customer said, “Looked pink in all the pictures when it arrived it was an ugly orange.” Of course, the majority of the consumers seemed happy with the purchase of this belt. However, you may want to inspect the color of the belt before you give it to your darling daughter as a gift.

Young Builder Kids Leather Tool Belt

The Young Builder Kids Leather Tool Belt made our best kids tool belt list for several reasons.

Firstly, this little belt packs quite a bunch with seven pockets plus two hammer holder loops.

Secondly, many reviews commented on this belt’s surprisingly good quality. They note that it is sturdy and holds up well to children’s wear and tear. These things combined has earned this belt a near-perfect average rating.

The belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes between 21 inches and 30 inches, perfect for young builders. It is recommended for kids ages 6 to 12.

Final Thoughts

Each of the tool belts listed above are great options for children who want to either play dress up or help out around the house. However, the winner on this list as the best tool belt for kids happens to be the Born Tough Kids 10-Pocket Tool Belt. It boasts a great rating, an affordable price, and seemingly the least amount of customer complaints of all the tool belts on the list.

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