Find The Best Roofing Tool Belt For Professional Use

As a roofer, you likely have your work cut out for you. Roofing is no simple task. It is a taxing job even for the smallest of issues. Fortunately, you can simplify your job just by adding a quality tool belt to your waist.

Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

Editor's Pick: Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

If you solely rely on a toolbox, you might be cutting yourself short. In fact, you might just be cutting into precious time that would be better used making money. Save both time and money on your next roofing job with the purchase of a professional tool belt.

The best tool belt for roofing will provide you with enough room to store all of your most important tools. If you are continuously having to climb up and down a ladder to retrieve a tool, it can slow you down. A tool belt, on the other hand, can add efficiency and ease to your work day.

Of course, you might be wondering how you choose the right roofing tool belt when there are so many to pick from. We have assembled the review guide below will help you choose the best one for you by comparing among the top three models available.

Comparing The Best Roofing Tool Belts

DToolz Premium Multi-function Canvas Tool Apron with Reinforced Hammer Holder Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 85035 Camo Mullet Buster Suspension RigOccidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set - Café
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Rating: 4.8/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.7/5
Color: TanColor: CamoColor: Brown
Waist: up to 46"Waist: up to 52"Waist: Any size
Material: CanvasMaterial: 1680D 2-ply polyMaterial: Nylon, leather
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Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

Nothing says quality and durability like the Occidental brand name. Occidental has produced some of the best tool belt for a variety of occupations over the course of many years. If you are in need of the best tool belt for roofing, look no farther than the Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set.

This tool belt offers a broad range of features, including:

  • The Occidental Fat Lip Bag Design
  • 10-inch deep pockets
  • Industrial strength nylon bags
  • Leather reinforced bottom and corners
  • Several tool holders
  • 5020 2-in-1 hammer and tool holder located in the rear
  • Adjustable to any waist size

The fact that this tool belt is highly adjustable makes it a great selection. It is often hard to find a tool belt that will fit comfortably with regard to size. A fully adjustable tool belt that fits comfortably around your weight like this one means that it will not slip down around your hips.

With such a great design and so many amazing benefits, it is not hard to see why this tool belt has a 4.7 out of a 5-star rating. Pleased customers have had many good things to say about this tool belt, too. For instance, one purchaser said, “Best bags I’ve owned so far, only had them a week but so far I love them. I do sheet metal and can carry most of my tools in this bag without them falling out.” Another said, “Nice rig. Quality and well placed pockets. Hammer loops is where they always are and should be.”

Of the two critical reviews placed against this tool belt, one customer felt the tool belt was great but complained that the hammer holder broke off soon after purchase. The other felt that this tool belt has a poor design and functionality. However, the majority of buyers agree that this is the best tool belt for roofing, as well as any other job.

Bucket Boss Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig

The Bucket Boss Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig is a phenomenal pick for roofers because it offers all of the bells and whistles you would want from a quality tool belt. The included suspenders make this tool belt rig a top-notch choice for all of those heavy-duty jobs, so if you get a lot of back pain, this is the best tool belt for roofing. As a roofer, you need something that will withstand the test of time and this tool belt can do just that.

Roofing is hard work. You are often exposed to the elements and you must put in a lot of hours to get the job done. Even the smallest roofing job can take its toll, which is why you need a tool belt that can take a beating with you. Thankfully, this tool belt offers a broad range of features that will benefit you greatly on your next roofing job. Features and benefits include:

  • Durable heavy-duty 1680d 2-ply polyester material
  • 70% elastic
  • 25% leather
  • 25% ferric
  • Large, roomy pockets
  • Speed square pocket
  • Steel belt buckle
  • Strategically placed monster grommets
  • Load Bear stretch suspension for increased comfort
  • Fits up to 52” waist
  • Adjustable pouches with Velcro to help hold them in place

With so many incredible features to enjoy, you are sure to find the Bucket Boss Camo Mullet Buster Suspension Rig a worthwhile purchase. Many customers have already fallen in love with this tool belt and with good reason. In fact, this tool belt has a 4.6 out of a 5-star rating based on the positive reviews of others.

One happy customer said, “Bought this tool belt for my husband who has been in construction for many years. Best tool belt by far that we have found!!” Another said, “Bought it for everyday use and love it.”

Some of the negative reviews associated with this tool belt namely revolve around those who experienced the pockets wearing out within 6 months and others who felt the tool belt was too bulky for their taste. However, the negative reviews are few and far between. The positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones, which is why this tool belt is worth a closer look.

JDToolz Premium Multi-Function Canvas Tool Apron

JD Tools Canvas Lightweight Tool BeltThe JDToolz Premium Multi-Function Canvas Tool Apron is a multipurpose tool belt. You can use it for a wide selection of workforce positions, including roofing. The design of the apron is simple, yet handy. It offers plenty of room for you to carry your most essential tools at arm’s reach.

In need of a hammer? Just reach down and grab it off your waist. Perhaps you need some finishing nails. Not a problem. Simply grab them out of one of the pockets located on your tool belt.

The functions and features of this tool belt are rather impressive.  In fact, the features are as follows:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Reinforced hammer holder
  • Heavy-duty canvas material
  • Heavy-duty buckle
  • Fits up to 46”
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 10 pockets

The lightweight design of the JDToolz Premium Multi-Function Canvas Tool Apron is perhaps one of the most impressive features. In truth, wearing a tool belt for any prolonged period can eventually cause back and hip pain. The weight of your tools can create strain, which can then cause you to feel aches and pains in your hips and back.

A lightweight tool belt helps minimize the chances of back and hip injuries and pains. With features like that, it is no wonder this tool belt received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. One reviewer specifically said, “Beautifully built. Love the dual hammer holders!!” Another stated, “Just what I needed so I am not constantly looking for that tool I need.”

One customer seemed displeased with the tool belt. The unhappy purchaser said, “I like that it was comfortable to wear but difficult to get into the pockets. Also the clasp/buckle is lightweight plastic. It broke when I accidentally stepped on it, now useless.” Fortunately, the majority of customers all agree that this tool belt is well worth a closer look.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the tool belts mentioned above will work great for you if you are a roofer. However, the Occidental tool belt takes the cake as the best tool belt for roofing. It offers some of the best features and a great overall rating. Of course, you should make sure you choose a tool belt that best suits your wants, needs, and budget.