DeWalt Track Saw Review - DEWALT DWS520CK 6-1/2-Inch 12-AMP Track Saw Kit with 59-Inch and 102-Inch Track

Easy to UseClamps not Included
PowerfulHard to Adjust Knobs on Depth Setting
Can be Used in the Place of a Contractor
Table Saw
Higher in Price from the Rest
Much More Versatile Than a Table SawThe Tracks are Bulky

DEWALT DWS520CK 6-1/2-Inch 12-AMP Track Saw Kit with 59-Inch and 102-Inch Track

Since 1924, DeWalt has made a great impression on consumers with their large line of hand and power tools, and this track saw will prove that these tools are built to last. Here, we are going to review their DeWalt Track Saw.

This saw is loaded with so many great features to assist you in getting the job done right, no matter how large, or how small the job might be.

Consumers highly recommend this saw for remodeling projects, and zipping through hard, thick woods of different natures. This track saw has also been used in the place of a contractor table saw on the job site, and some even say this is the perfect saw when using it for long periods of time because it has less vibration than other common saws.

Equipped with all the safety features to keep you safe, DeWalt graciously designed this saw with a continuous anti-kickback mechanism and riving knife that will prohibit kickback when the saw is engaged, and it is completed with a low-profile blade guard that will permit for use in a small area.

Although this machine has a zero-clearance track saw cutting system that is built to rip straight through your material without a splinter left behind, some reviews state that the track is bulky and not as good as advertised.

Based on the reviews, people are saying that this saw is easy to use, and full of power. Maybe that has something to do with the 12A, 1300W motor that is built into this machine.

Some of the other great features added to this saw include an on-track cut depth of 2-1/8 (54mm) at 90 degrees, 1-5/8-inch (54mm) at 45 degrees, and a depth scale that will accurately indicate the precise depth of your cut.

This saw operates on 120-volts of electricity and it comes with a generous, three-year limited warranty, along with a ninety-day money back guarantee.

People not only purchase this handy saw because it is a DeWalt, but they also love the way it smoothly cuts through a variety of materials with ease, and they say that the versatility is endless.

Consumers add that the DeWalt clamps are a must have companion to this saw, but unfortunately they are not included with the purchase, and the knobs for the depth settings do not adjust as easily as they should.

A few complain that the cost of this saw is high, but it seems to be offered at a fair price compared to the others on the market, and the positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews on this one, so that must be proof that DeWalt stands for durability and trust.

As with any product, there are always a list of pros and cons, and this track saw is no different.

The following chart contains a list that was put together based on popular consumer reviews:

Apart from the negative reviews on the tracks, the list of cons for this saw are not major deal breakers.

Most of the people say that this saw provides a lot of power, and the saw does exactly what it is expected to do.

With the name DeWalt attached to this saw, people know that it is a product they can trust.

The following is a list of highlights this track saw kit features:

  • 12A, 1300W motor with the capability to rip through hard woods up to 2-1/8-inch thick
  • Zero clearance track saw cutting system for perfectly straight cuts free from splinters
  • On-track cut depth of 2-1/8 (54mm) at ninety-degrees and 1-5/8-inch (41mm) at forty-five degrees
  • Anti-kickback mechanism and riving knife
  • Low profile Blade Guard
  • 3 – year limited warranty with a 90-day money back guarantee

Overall, this DeWalt track saw kit is a great buy for the money. DeWalt offers great customer service if the need should arise, and they back up the drill with a 3- year limited warranty. They also include a 90- day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. I hope this DeWalt Track Saw review helps you make a purchasing decision as to whether or not this is the right saw for you.